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Horoscope for Sagittarius

The first thing you will want to do as you move into July is catch your breath. A Full Moon in Sagittarius last month was the last real challenge, after months where a parade of planets moving through your relationship sector have moved into opposition with Ceres and Jupiter, both in retrograde motion in your sign. With Jupiter in Sagittarius from November 2018 to December 2019 and the Sun and faster moving planets making a complete circuit every 12 months, it was a given that they would move into opposition at some point. While this put a lot of focus on your relationships, it was when the planets clashed with planets in Sagittarius that this was more about you. Where your relationship needs conflicted with your own needs there was tension and a response that was always designed to reveal what your real needs and priorities are. It is a bit like not really knowing what you want until you don't have it or there was a threat of something taken away. The reality is there were no relationship challenges and with Venus, the planet of love finally wrapping things up on the relationship front on 4th July, there is something special. It was where this made your own needs easier to recognise that you are now able to thank the relationship gods. Jupiter is in his first full month in retrograde motion and after turning direct early next month, this is when everything the planet of luck and expansion has to offer, will start coming home to roost. In the meantime, eclipses in your two money houses could mean financial tensions are running high, but in the same way that personal and/or relationship tensions are dialling back, so too are financial tensions. Mars' departure from your financial sector on 2nd July will take the heat out of things, just a day before a total solar eclipse here offers the opportunity for a breakthrough. There is also a breakthrough possible in the lead up to a lunar eclipse on the income front on 17th July. What this month offers which no other month this year has, is a sense of adventure.

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