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horoscope for Sagittarius

While the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of November in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart and the wind down of your old solar year doesn't end until he returns to Sagittarius on 22nd November, often Venus and Mercury can return first. However, because Venus was held back by a retrograde phase earlier in the year and Mercury by his current retrograde phase, neither will return to Sagittarius until December this year. This allows you to give the wind down of your old solar year the focus it deserves, without getting too far ahead of yourself. While the South Node is in Sagittarius and this is the reason for a total solar eclipse next month, its focus is always on the past. The month long wind down of your old solar year is both a time of closure and reflection but also celebration, as you reflect on the journey this has taken you on. This is also a chance to recharge your batteries, ready to move into your birthday month and new solar year on 22nd November feeling recharged and ready to embrace the future. Meanwhile, life itself is speeding up and in some key and exciting areas of your life. Mars' direct turn in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on 14th November will see things there start to move forward. However, the first two weeks of the month offer a chance to make the most of the doors open to the past and second chances. Where there is the potential for movement all month is on the income front, as Jupiter and Saturn both work to make their last full month in your income sector count. This makes starting the month with a Full Moon in your work sector underway and with Venus having just left your career sector a few days earlier an advantage. You have the professional momentum, the Full Moon is giving work and job matters a shot in the arm and now Jupiter and Saturn can take it from here. Where the month begins under a Full Moon on the job front it will end under an eclipsing Full Moon in your relationship sector on 30th November, making it important to make the most of a chance to get the communication lines open earlier in the month.

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