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A Photo of Kim Kardashian's Pores Is Going Viral on Reddit

A close-up photo of Kim Kardashian West is currently going viral on Reddit, as you can see her real skin texture — pores, minor blemishes, and all. Folks are surprised to see that the reality star's skin is actually more like their own than they realized.

This Makeup Artist Painted Faux Crystals on Her Eyes

Folks on Instagram are freaking out over makeup artist Juliana Horner's latest look, which features painted-on crystals that look extremely realistic. Some fans are saying they didn't even realize that they were drawn on and not real crystals.

Miss Manhattan Audrey Munson Is the Supermodel You’ve Never Heard Of

Audrey Munson is the biggest supermodel you've never heard of. She was considered the feminine ideal for a generation of artists and filmmakers in the early 1920s before her career went south. Find out why.

Hilary Duff Shares Her Winter Skin-Care Secrets — Interview

Hilary Duff has partnered up with Zicam, a cold medicine brand that's clinically proven to shorten colds when taken at the first sign of symptoms. Allure caught up with the "Younger" actress to learn more about the collaboration, as well as what else she does when she's feeling worse for wear.

Best New Skin-Care Products Launching in January 2020 — Reviews

Every month we highlight the latest skin-care launches on the market so you can make an informed decision about which products are actually worth the splurge. Here, we've rounded up the best new skin-care products to hit retail shelves in January 2020.

Target to Give Out Gift Cards for Buying Skin-Care Products

From now through January 19, Target is running a promotion: Spend $25 on any skin-care products and receive a $5 gift card. We've gathered the best Target skin-care finds to buy to hit your $25 quota, from Burt's Bees, L'Oreal, Bliss, and more.

Kaja Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner - Review

The Kaja Wink Stamp Eyeliner is back in stock at Sephora. Before the wing stamp and liquid liner duo sells out again, we tested and tried it — it is good. For the most part. Read more for Allure digital beauty reporter Audrey Noble's honest review.

Jennifer Lopez’s Best Nail Art Looks — See Photos

See all of Jennifer Lopez's best manicures and nail art designs in one place. We've gathered J. Lo nail photos from the Golden Globes, Critics' Choice Awards, her engagement photos, and beyond for a comprehensive guide to Jennifer Lopez's nail style.

Makeup Artist Katie Jane Hughes Matches Her Eye Shadow to Her Hair — See Photo

Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes accidentally invented an amazing makeup tip: matching your eye shadow to the color of your hair. Hughes provides the story behind the look that inspired the tip, and how she created it.

The 2020 Women's March Will Be More Accessible for People With Disabilities

The fourth annual Women's March is happening on January 18, 2020, and there are plenty of ways to participate aside from physically marching. Here's how those with disabilities can support the efforts — and how the board is considering accessibility — to make the event more inclusive.

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