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Horoscope for Pisces

Just by virtue of the fact that June and July, the most challenging months of 2019 are behind us, makes August a special month and a much needed change of pace. Yet even if this month was simply a break from the pressures of the past few months this would be enough, but this goes further, completely shifting things the other way. The main reason that the last few months were so challenging is that the faster moving planets are drawing closer together, but they have also been on the other side of the sky to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, creating wave after wave of oppositions. This month those oppositions are not only over, as the faster planets become even closer, they start moving into a friendly alliance with the same planet that they were at war with over recent months. You begin the month with the Sun, Mars and Venus in your work sector but it is Mercury's return on 12th August that is both timely and auspicious. Auspicious because this puts the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, all the faster planets, in the same part of your chart at the same time, for the first time since October 2017. Timely because this happens on the same day that Jupiter turns direct in your career sector and as the planets are all moving into a friendly alliance. All four will only be in your work sector at the same time for six days, but where they move to next is even better. Most of the challenges over the last two months was caused by the pressure on Saturn and Pluto and this is what makes what comes next so exciting. Starting with Mars on 18th August and ending with Mercury on 29th August, the faster planets will one by one return to your relationship sector, where they will end the month together. This puts them at a friendly aspect Saturn and Pluto and to Uranus, who turns retrograde in your communication sector on 12th August. This kicks off some auspicious conditions across the communication, friendship and relationship building fronts.

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