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Horoscope for Libra

With a total solar eclipse in your career sector on 3rd July and a lunar eclipse on the home front on 17th July, work/life balance tensions that came to life last month will follow you into July. However, apart from the days leading up to the lunar eclipse on 17th July this will be a lot more dialled back. It was Mars and Mercury's opposition with forces on the home front that brought any balance issues between your home and professional lives out in the open a month earlier. The lunar eclipse will be the last real clash between the two but it shouldn't be a challenge. The reality is that a period of professional expansion will continue and the solar eclipse on 3rd July will only add to that. However, with Neptune spending his first full month in retrograde motion in your work sector and Mars leaving your career sector on 2nd July, a lot of the urgency and an 'all or nothing' approach will have dissipated before the solar eclipse. What will make it easier to find and maintain the right work/life balance is both a drop in urgency and a rise in professional confidence, while life itself opens up in a way that you will want to have it all. There is a new social energy this month that will only deepen as the month progresses. There is not only a lot of planetary activity in your friendship sector this month, but all the planets move through will form multiple positive aspects to the planets in your communication and relationship sectors. This creates an auspicious month for personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building, which lends itself to collaboration. This is something that can be channelled into this month's exciting professional developments or into your personal life, which the right work/life balance gives you better access to.

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