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Horoscope for Leo

While the Sun won't return to Leo until 23rd July to begin your birthday month and new solar year, just a few days into the month it will be clear that this has already begun, in all but name. Not only that, it will be clear that this year there are none of the challenges experienced last year when Mars spent half of 2018 moving in and out of opposition with planetary activity in Leo. By the time the North Node left Leo in November and thanks to a series of eclipses during 2017 and 2018, this left you with a lot of untapped potential. It wasn't until Mercury and Juno returned to Leo late last month that you finally gained access to this. Yet what really sets things alight and brings you to the point where your birthday month and new solar year begins in all but name, is when Mars returns to Leo on 2nd July. For the nearly seven weeks Mars will fuel your passions and fighting spirit and with so much potential and no challenges, he will be like a kid in a candy store. June was a tough month and with a solar and lunar eclipse this month there may still be some tension, but as your personal power, excitement and enthusiasm rise this will have less impact on you. There is still tension between the Sun, in the final weeks of your old solar year and Saturn and Pluto, in retrograde motion in your work sector. However, with Mars having moved into opposition with both even the lunar eclipse on the job front on 17th July will have a familiar feel. While this is an ongoing push to ensure you know when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off, with Mars in Leo you will have more energy and confidence. With job and career forces settling and a lot of playful and adventurous energy in the air, you are fast losing your taste for a life that is all work and no play.

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