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Horoscope for Aries

Two eclipses mean there will be some intensity this month but for once, no surprises. A total solar eclipse on 3rd July is all about home and family matters, with an opportunity for new beginnings and for some real momentum. The lunar eclipse on 17th July in your career sector will be a different story, for as an eclipsing Full Moon this will put the Sun and Moon in opposition. Yet a month after Mars created the first clash between home and career matters this will, by then, be a familiar theme. If anything, the tension between your home and professional lives will have dialled back since last month. Instead of work/life balance becoming harder it is likely to become easier. A big reason for that is that the urgency has evaporated and with a rising amount of energy on the playful and adventurous fronts you are fast losing your taste for a life that is all work and no play. There is a playful energy in effect from the get go, but this will become more extreme when Mars joins the planets already in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on 2nd July. As Mars returns to fuel your romantic and creative passions and fighting spirit, he and the planets travelling with him will have support from planets on the adventurous front from the get go. While work/life balance was never going to be as extreme as it was in the second half of last month, a growth in playful and adventurous activity will take the sting out of this. In the meantime, on the personal front, you are losing your taste for life's fast lane, with Chiron turning retrograde in Aries on 9th July and Eris on 21st July. This creates a month where the urgency and tension is easing from the areas of your life where you don't want or need it, while there is a growing sense of excitement in the areas of your life that allow you to more fully embrace life itself.

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